Almost Finished!

Kimono: tjmaxx (similar here)//Jeans: a&e (similar here)//Shoes: target// Hat: thrifted (similar here)// Sunnies: target

Today is my last day here in Baltimore because tomorrow morning I leave for Colorado!  It is definitely a bittersweet day.  I am going to miss my friends and family that I am leaving but can't wait to join my husband and start our lives in Colorado.  However, I tell you one thing.. this whole packing thing really sucks!  I own way too many clothes, way too many knickknacks and way too much furniture!

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A Little out of Focus

Turtleneck: gap {similar here}//Skirt: thrifted {similar here}//Heels: thrifted {similar here}
Belt: thrifted {similar here}//Sunnies: target {similar here}

I was cleaning out my camera's memory and found this little guy.  There was no other pictures with it, so I'm not exactly sure what it was doing there by its lonesome self.  But it felt right to post it today even if it is a little out of focus.  I apologize that its only one shot, but just look at is as those people who only have one name like Madonna or Cher.  That's a lot like this picture!

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26, Really?! Well, at least I can still ask for cute things!



Sun Kissed

Blouse: ralph lauren//Belt: thrifted (similar here)//Skirt: thrifted (similar here)// Heels: steve madden (similar here)

Today we return from the beach and then its back to reality!  But not for too much longer and then we'll be off to Colorado.  So I guess I can't complain too much!  But knowing this would probably be my last east coast beach trip for some time made it pretty hard to leave!  I know they say the lakes out West are gorgeous but the beach is just what I know! Its what I look forward to when summer time rolls around...so I'll just have to keep you posted on how I'm coping!

But hey, thats life right!  Change is good and definitely exciting.  And I'm not sure how often I'll be popping on here in the next three weeks because I have to sell practically everything I own,  style a wedding photo shoot for a local magazine, stage my house to be photographed, and finish up a few interior jobs. AH crazy!


Oh, Hey!

Hat: old navy(similar here)//Blazer: thrifted(similar here)//Jeans: a&e(similar here)//Sweater: h&m(similar here)//Shoes: target

Hey Hey, just popping on here to say Hi! Wasn't able to come up with anything to write - my life has been kinda boring lately... but at least we have a post up.  My mom tells me I need to write more on my little space here but this girls got nothing right now! Hopefully after our week down the beach I will have some stories!