Ready for Fall: Camel Trench

Camel Trench: forever21 (similar here)//Black Skinnies: ae (similar here)// bag: coach// 
Heels: thrifted (similar here)//Blouse: ralph lauren (similar here)//Sunnies: target

We had a pretty chilly past 2 days here in Colorado!  And I will admit I am not a fan of a ton of snow or bitter cold nights but fall weather... now thats right up my alley!  Layers Layers Layers!  I can't wait.  I almost feel myself wishing fall to come early now that I was able to whip out a few of my coats!  Don't get me wrong, summer is great, it brings vacations, pretty swim suits, tan lines, small of sunscreen... all things I love, but I think Fall is my favorite weather to dress for.  Whose with me!?

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Designing with a Green Thumb


Does there always seem to be that pesky corner in your house that screams at you ever time you pass it, longing to be filled?  But it's too small to fit a piece of furniture and too big to be left bare.  Ahh yes, that corner.  Well fear no more... there are solutions!  House Plants!!  And I'm not talking about that fake tacky tree that every law office and doctors lobby seem to be filled with, I am talking about some good old house plants, that are hard to kill, keep the air clean, and fill space in a very chic way!  In this particular collage I have presented some of my favorites!  Currently, I have 4 out of the 5 with a few extra but couldn't find a great picture so they were left out!  But look how lovely these plants are.  The texture, the color, the size... it's plant perfection!  

And not only are the plants a great way to add a designer feel to your space.  Think about all the great options you have when potting them, or hanging them.  In fact, Target and Ikea are my two favorite places to find pots and baskets for a pretty good price.  And for anything macrame my go to is a local Thrift store or your grandma's closet (that's where I found 2 of my favorites).  Well, I'm off to water them! Let me know some of your house plant favorites... I'm always down to add more to the family!


In Need of Some Advice...

Blazer: target (similar here)//Jeans: ae (similar here)//Blouse: ralph lauren (similar here)//Watch: ny&co (similar here)
Heels: steve madden (similar here)//Tote: gifted (similar here)//Lipstick: maybelline

Hey there lovely blog readers of mine!!!  I am in need of some advice and I hope to get some solid help from ya'll!  I have two creative outlets that I am going to focus solely on here in the next year... My blog and my Design Business.  Where I'm having trouble is do I eliminate the blog as NewlyLoved and essentially call it Jessica Adams Design Blog or do I keep the names and urls separate but have them Link to one another???  Does that turn bloggers off when you change up blog names after about 3 years - Luckily I'm not huge, so I'm sure not too many will be confused - but is it even worth it?

How odd is it that my interior clients would see my blog which is more of a fashion blog?
Or is that beneficial since style and design go hand in hand?
Do you hate typing in an old url (ie newlyloved) and it saying "we have moved click here"...?
Is it confusing if you type in a url and you see that it automatically takes you somewhere else?
Or is that a nice feature to save from extra clicking?
Keep them Separate? or Combine and drop the name NewlyLoved?

I am so excicted to hear your feedback!! Thanks for all your help!

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Friday and a BlueGrass Concert

Blouse: thrifted (similar here)//Jeans: ae (similar here)//Watch: ny&co (similar here)//Heels: thrifted (similar here)//Lipstick: maybelline

We are off to a BlueGrass show tonight in Golden.  It's a quaint little town with a main drag full of unique shops, restaurants, cafes and a ton of free activities on the weekends! And luckily it's not too far from us.  Last weekend we were there just hanging out and cooling off in their beautiful river that runs through the town (tubes are definitely preferred but we were a little unprepared, so Luke body surfed and I just put my feet in). Next time, we are tubing it!

Alrighty, I am off with a local today and she's going to show me some great consignment and thrift stores. 
Bad thing- I will now know all the great spots to shop 
Good Thing- I have Luke's credit card!


Cape, Vest, Dress... Whatever it is, We like it!

Tank: hm (similar here)//Shorts: ae (similar here)//Heels: steve madden (similar here)//Sunnies: target
Cape,Vest,Dress: thrifted (similar here)//Belt: thrifted (similar here)//Bag: coach//Watch: ny&co (similar here)

I 'm pretty sure my mom owned something very similar to this dress back in the 90's.  Buttoned up of course, but definitely in her closet!  I'm not sure if I will ever wear it as a dress but I'm diggin it as a maxi vest for now.  In fact when I saw it in Goodwill, I wore it around the entire store while shopping and every time I passed a mirror I took a quick glance to be sure it was "take-her-home".  Also the price of $3.00 didn't hurt my decision either!

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