Hey 2015, I love my Grid Pants!

Pants:hm (similar)//Booties: guess (similar)//Sweater: f21//
Beanie: f21//Sunnies: target//Jacket: hm (similar)

Well Helllooooo there!  Sorry for being totally lazy here with my little blog and not posting as much as I would like.  I even told myself I was going to be better about it in the new year but so far we are off to a rocky start! 

 In other news... 
We move into our new place this Friday (so excited to decorate again)
I'll be visiting home in 3 weeks (can't wait to see everyone)
I'm cleaning out my wardrobe (goodbye bright colors)
H&M is have a killer sale (not helping my wardrobe downsize aspirations)
So far 2015 is pretty good...


Winter Layers & Hot Springs

Yesterday we spent the day at Cottonwood Hot Springs.  It was probably one of the neatest things to experience.  There was snow on the ground and at one point snow in the air while we soaked in the mineral rich natural spring!  I think they told us the temperature was right around 106... so basically perfect!  I mean wearing a bikini in the middle of winter is not something very many people can say they get to do!  But we can check that one off the list and now we know of a great place to bring friends and family visiting and in need of an amazing time!  Thanks Colorado for being awesome!


Black & Grey Vibes

Coat: h&m (similar)//Fur Collar: thrifted //OTK Boots: forever21 (similar)//Blouse: h&m (similar)//
Hat: dollar store //Sunnies: target// Dress: h&m (similar)

TGIF and I'm rockin a dress with a baseball cap!  Some may cringe but I'm obsessed.  For me, it's all about mixing masculine and feminine pieces in one look to set yourself apart.  Take a sequence dress and pair it with tennis shoes, rock a bomber jacket over your maxi, strut in a great pair of heels with boyfriend jeans... you ladies know what I'm talking about!  What are some of your favorite ways to style masculine and feminine pieces?!


Winterizing my Leather Skirt! {long fur vest & otk boots)

Skirt: h&m// Turtleneck: gap //OTK Boots: forever21 (similar)//Vest: h&m (similar)//Hat: thrifted (similar)

Some pieces I just can't put away until next season and this skirt is one of them.   Luckily, it is faux leather which is a great transitional material from season to season.  My favorite trick with wearing a skirt in the winter is pairing it with OTK boots to keep a good amount of your legs covered and warm!   Not saying wearing a pair of tights is a bad idea but switching it up every once in a while is a great way to break up the routine.  Also layering up on tops, vests, coats and wearing a hat will finish off your winterized look!  And don't forget your sunnies... that winter sun is no joke!


New Tweed Coat & Quilted Sneakers

Coat: hm (similar)//Jeans: ae (similar)//Blouse: hm (similar)//Sweater: hm (similar)//Beanie: f21//
Sunnies: target//Clutch: old navy//Sneakers: target

H&M has been having amazing sales lately!  Fortunately, I work right next store to one and a necessary walk through has become an end of my work day routine.  I have been watching this particular coat for a little while now and cringing at the $60 price tag.  Well, thanks to my routine... I went in the other day to check out the hat selection and this beauty had been moved to the clearance rack!! A dramatic 50% price decrease, now only $30!  I immediately bought it and couldn't be happier with it!

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