Introduce Ourselves

This is where we started!  It was the best day of our lives, our wedding day (May 21, 2011)

When I designed our wedding, I had to be extremely budget conscious... because we didn't have any money! This is where my thrifting became a passion and way of life. I loved that I was able to get everything I wanted for very little. I think I went to every Goodwill in Baltimore and I visited them quite frequently. It was all worth it. This wedding was everything I wanted it to be. Here's some pictures of my thrifty finds!

I found these stumps on the side of the road for FREE, topped them with a mason jar filled with wildflowers, I think they turned out lovely

Home-made photo booth... thrifted curtain used as backdrop and foam cut-outs I made.

Even on a budget, the smallest details can look exquisite... my vintage suitcase and hat box housed the photo booth props.

I wanted my centerpieces to have that "classic vintage" feel. I felt silver serving trays, old books and antique teapots would do the trick! All of them were found at Goodwills and thrift stores, with a little Tarn-x and elbow grease, they turned out perfect.

I figured I'd end this post with a picture of us walking away
I know it's a little cliche, but I love this one so I just had to share it!

Photo credit: bluekitephoto.com


  1. Absolutely beautiful wedding! You did an amazing job! Wow! Where did your dress come from?