Just One of Those Mornings

It's an ugly cold rainy day outside.
So I decided to sleep in until about 9.
But to my surprise, everyone else in the house was sleeping in too.

I caught him!
See I felt husband get out of bed around 7ish and I thought well good for him but I'm sleeping in...
haha silly little me, he was just sleeping on the floor in the living room.
Which is odd, I don't know why he just didn't get back in bed.
But in his defense, this is what I imagine happened:
Our toilet wasn't working properly right now, so he really couldn't sleep.
He got up around 7 to let the landlord in to fix it before his little wife would wake up and have to use it
Once it was fixed, he probably attempted to watch some TV but realized he should sleep instead!

I just had to take one of these!
He looks so cute, I just hope he likes the pictures because they're going up on the blog!
And not only was husband still sleeping but Luna was too!
Luke likes to say that Luna and I get out of bed at the same time... well not this morning!
I caught her too!

I guess it's just one of those mornings

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