Irene "Shmirene"

There's a hurricane headed our way and I am lucky enough to be spending the night with the dog. 
The husband had to go into work to close up the store. But let me tell ya something, I am so prepared! 
We filled up some bottles of water and stocked up on toilet paper, so I'll take this Irene storm head on! We also made up a huge pot of chili to get us through the night. 
You can't go wrong with chili...


Since the dog isn't that great at holding a conversation, 
we decided to try tic-tac-toe. But I've never really been good at the game so I gave up. 
Looks like my night is going to be filled with the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Marathon and
Toddlers & Tiaras!

From the looks of it outside right now... 
I think we'll make it!

(You know you're bored when you start taking pictures of yourself on the computer... HA!)


A Day At The Beach

This year has been so crazy, filled with busy schedules and tying the knot! Although we did go to Cancun for the Honeymoon, this was our first little day trip to the beach since being married. It was definitely needed and we had an amazing time.

I spent most of my time here while the husband was tearing the waves up with his skim board (I think that's how a real surfer would say that haha...)

You can't really see it in this picture but I had a gnarly fall that messed up my shin. 
(Again with the surfer talk)... 
Anyways... my awesome scarf and bracelet are thrifted. I just had to bring out the thrifty finds to let everyone know you can look super cute on the beach with some second hand accessories.

Not only does the scarf look good but it helps keep my horrible beach hair under control!

Love Him!


Mellow Yellow

 I love grandmothers! They always need to downsize and who better to give their furniture to than their sweet granddaughter. I was the lucky one to be given this old patio set. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the color but that never turns me away… easy fix.



Not too bad for a few cans of spray paint and a wire brush. I added a simple burlap runner that I used on a table at my wedding (always trying to use things again and again... very thrifty!) and a few throw pillows.

Add a few sunflowers to complete the look, and you got yourself a brand new patio set!


Skirt to Dress

 My plan is to post a bunch of pictures like these. Yes, the husband and I are amateurs; both at modeling and photography. Ultimately, I would like the thrifty clothes to capture the spotlight.

With a few safety pins and a belt around the waist, I turned this thrifted plus size skirt into a summer dress.

 The belt and purse are also from second hand stores.

Just trying out a few poses!
This is as much modeling that I can give right now but I'll get better... hopefully.

Successful first photo shoot don't ya think?!



Introduce Ourselves

This is where we started!  It was the best day of our lives, our wedding day (May 21, 2011)

When I designed our wedding, I had to be extremely budget conscious... because we didn't have any money! This is where my thrifting became a passion and way of life. I loved that I was able to get everything I wanted for very little. I think I went to every Goodwill in Baltimore and I visited them quite frequently. It was all worth it. This wedding was everything I wanted it to be. Here's some pictures of my thrifty finds!

I found these stumps on the side of the road for FREE, topped them with a mason jar filled with wildflowers, I think they turned out lovely

Home-made photo booth... thrifted curtain used as backdrop and foam cut-outs I made.

Even on a budget, the smallest details can look exquisite... my vintage suitcase and hat box housed the photo booth props.

I wanted my centerpieces to have that "classic vintage" feel. I felt silver serving trays, old books and antique teapots would do the trick! All of them were found at Goodwills and thrift stores, with a little Tarn-x and elbow grease, they turned out perfect.

I figured I'd end this post with a picture of us walking away
I know it's a little cliche, but I love this one so I just had to share it!

Photo credit: bluekitephoto.com