Dresser Obsession

Recently we have become a one car family.
Luckily for me, we downsized to one little pick up truck.
It's the best!

Now when I'm driving down the road and see a piece of furniture sitting out on the curb or
When I see an ad on Craigslist...
 I don't have to think twice about it not fitting in my old Camry because now I have this giant bed in the back of my truck!!!

Husband calls me the furniture hoarder.
Hey, I'll take it!

It seems pretty practical to have 2 dressers in your house...
However, these dresser are not the ones the husband and I use.
We actually have 2 more, so in total we have 4 dressers in our little apartment.
That's why I called the post dresser obsession!

Anyways, I am so excited about these dressers
I have some really cute ideas in mind, which I am going to post their progress on here.


Homemade Granola

I am a big chip eater, it is definitely my down fall
I am that girl at parties that sits right in front of the chip bowl and just goes to town.
Anyways... we haven't been buying chips for the house recently because, supposedly, its unhealthy.
However, I need something crunchy to chew on for a snack. 
I just can't stop having that in my life, I need something.
So we found a great healthy alternative... 
homemade granola!

First get your ingredients together:
4 cups oats
2 cups shredded coconut
2 cups sliced almonds
3/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup honey
A variety of your favorite fruits, we went with banana chips, cranberries, raisins and apricots

Preheat your oven on 350
Mix your oats, coconut, almonds in one bowl
Mix your oil and honey in another bowl
Combine bowls and spread on baking pan

Place in oven for about 30 minutes
If you have a convection oven with the setting on convection bake, then only back for about 15-20
( basically when the granola is golden brown, take it out)

Let your granola cool, then add your toppings and mix!
 In the end you have and affordable, healthy snack




I was laying in bed the other morning, minding my own business,
when all of a sudden husband rushes in and says were going to the lake.
Like any good wife, I dropped everything and got ready for the adventure.
He is never spontaneous so when things like this happen you better believe I'm all about it!

I thought the day would be a great blog opportunity so I put on a cute outfit for a little photo shoot.
However, husband didn't tell me that it was actually a hike we were going on.
He says it was only about a 3/4 of a mile but it felt like 2!
I guess he considered this a lake since the Reservior was next to the trail....

Here I am in leg warmers, boots, and a scarf trying to give a cute fall look...
when it actually felt like summer outside.
I was sweating so bad!

Thrifted: shirt, pants, belt

Even though I wasn't too trilled about our sweaty hike, I was still pretty excited to share my outfit.
I usually have to pair thrifted items with things I already have in my closet. 
But this time, my whole entire outfit was thrifted!


Labor Day

Oh my goodness, this post is so late!
But better late than never right.
Anyways... We had a great Labor Day weekend.
Here's what I wore.

Thrifted: sweater

We also met the newest addition to the Rothlisberger family... baby Roman!!

So Precious!


Old Window

As you know, I love giving old pieces new life.
Whether it is clothes, furniture or even items that adorn your walls.
Unfortunately, the weather has put a hold on some cute outfits i have to show you...
But spending so much time indoors allows me to be creative with pieces I have lying around the house
So I took an old window that I bought at a second hand store and transformed it into a picture frame!


First you need an old window

Then decide which pictures you want to use
( I chose wedding pictures of course.. we're still in our honeymoon stage!)

Organize your photos the way you want them ...

Tape into place and you have an adorable collage of pictures!


It's a Yard Sale

This morning our Saturday class ended up being canceled. (Yay!)
So... what do you think I did instead?  I went on a hunt for yard sales!!
Luckily, I didn't have to go far because there were yard sales on almost every other street. 
A perfect Saturday if you ask me!

One of the yard sales even had ice cream!
This made my impulsive little Saturday trip more endurable for the husband.
He is a total sucker for ice cream.

On our way back home, We passed an adorably weathered shed and snapped off a few photos to highlight my thrifted pieces.

 Thrifted: shoes, belt, necklace


First Day of School

I love College. 
I love getting completely over dressed.
I love the weird stares because I am walking all over campus in heels.
I love it all!

This was my first day of school outfit!
I love mix-matching patterns like stripes and paisley.
My skirt is actually a long maxi but I have rolled and pulled it up pretty far under my shirt.
The thrifted item on this day is my top. I love this color and it matches an old scarf of mine pretty well.

 Ultimately, being overdressed definitely pays off. 
One of my professors actually took pictures of every student in order to learn all of our names. 
And who do you think was ready for this photo op... Me!