More Fall Decor

I feel like Wednesdays have turned into my arts & crafts day.
I'm pretty sure it was last Wednesday when I made my candy corns and now this Wednesday its a pendant flag sign.
Looks like I'm starting a little trend here in the Rothlisberger house!
How exciting!

Here are supplies you will need for the pendant flag sign:
  • Burlap
  • Orange Paint
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Twine

Cut your triangles out of the burlap.
they don't have to be perfect its a homemade project 

Paint your letters onto the burlap
Tip: place a piece of paper underneath your burlap triangle because the paint tends to bleed through

Once you have completed your letters, it's time to string them up with twine

Thrifted: wooden cabinet

Finally, hang your completed sign!
If I only had a mantel... but I don't, so my large cabinet will have to do!


Corn Maze

This weekend was beautiful
Even though it was a little cold, it felt like perfect fall weather.
Luckily, we had Saturday off and I insisted that we do something fall like...
Husband suggested trying out a corn maze.
I was a little skeptical at first because I have never been to a corn maze.  And let's face it, I am not that great with maps.
 But the idea of getting lost in a corn field with my best friend was exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday!

Thrifted: striped top

 Thrifted: jean shirt

Here's the maze navigator.  I call him Tower Control!

We did it!  We completed the maze!
It only took us an hour, but I was in good hands; I married a boy scout.
Oh yeah, There was hot cider too!  I am a sucker for hot cider


Candy Corn

Now that we have our own place, I finally get to do some seasonal decorating.
Don't get me wrong, I love this, but I also loved when momma used to put out the money for it too.
I mean have you seen the prices for decorations? It's ridiculous!
I know the trick is to go after the holidays when everything is on sale, but that would mean I wouldn't have anything for our first holidays together. I can't have that, I am trying to have guests!
Of course, this meant I had to get creative!
No Problem...
Here is my first little project- candy corn out cones and yarn! 

The supplies: 3 Styrofoam Cones (all different sizes)
Yellow Yarn
Orange Yarn
White Yarn
Glue Gun

Glue first layer of yellow yarn around bottom of cone.
Wrap around tightly, make sure the cone doesn't show through.
Be the judge on how big you would like your sections of color to be.
(Tip: You only have to glue the first layer of each color)

Continue this process for all three cones.
(Tip: Start with the largest cone to get it over with... it takes the most time.)
By the time you get to the smallest cone, you're a pro!

The final product is adorable!
The best part is, it's super inexpensive!
Who doesn't like that?!


Sneak Peek

I know I promised this yesterday,
Here is a sneak peak of the wedding we decorated last week.

This wedding was so much fun and it definitely gave us the oppotunity to be creative.
We had ten days to put it all together and were on a tight budget for decor.
With that being the main concern, we turned to our dear friend Mother Nature for supplies.
This wedding was the epitome of thrifting!

(fun tip: instead of buying pine scented candles, put pine cones in the oven and your house will smell delightful)

Everything turned out quite lovely
Congrats Tom & Megan


Peek and Run

Holy Moly, it's been a long time since I have posted... I am so sorry about that.
But I have good reasons, I promise. I've been decorating weddings!
My cousin and I started up this wedding business 
and we had the opportunity to decorate a rustic themed wedding for our friend Megan last friday.
I will have pictures up hopefully by the end of the weekend!
Unfortunately, I also had mid-terms this past week...
but that's definitely not as exciting as weddings
so no need to go on about that.

Anyways, we had some exciting action last night.
We pulled our first peek and run at the Diner.
For those of you who don't know the term, which is probably all of you because we just made it up yesterday, it is when you peek at the menu and run because the prices our outrageous! HA!
Who would have thought prices would be so high at the local diner...
I mean $10 for a chicken tender basket (definitely a peek and run opportunity)
But I am hoping a lot of people do this because it's not my first time!

Please, oh please, let there be other cheap foodies out there.

Is it sad that the husband and I found it pretty exciting to ditch our table at the Diner? 
I hope not because I loved it!
I felt like a little bank robber...
giggling, filled with adrenalin as we squealed our wheels out of the parking lot.
Just as I imagine real bank robbers do after a big heist. 

Thrifted: Bracelet, Top

 There was lots and lots of giggling.
We are such nerds... but I LOVE IT!