Baby it's Cold Outside

Have you ever thought about driving in your car without the radio playing?
Probably not.  It is the worst experience ever - the worst!
Husbands truck radio hasn't been working for the past month and I want to scream!
It's absolutely horrible!!
I mean when we are in the car together, it's great.
We have a lot of quality talking time...
But when I'm in the car by myself... it's a whole other story!

I try to sing to myself, but have you ever tried singing a song without music or lyrics to back you up?
It's very tricky. 
I find myself just repeating the same line of the song over and over again because I can't remember the rest!  Then I start singing really loud and dancing, trying to get into it, but that gets pretty old quickly.  I have noticed a few stares but I just pretend I have some really great music on!
If you can picture all this happening while siting at a red light, you might as well have pulled up next to me.

Thrifted: sweater, shoes

These were a few photos we took with our new fancy lens!


Friday's Finds

My thrifty finds from this week!

Turquoise tiered plate 
This makes me want to serve mini scones and desserts all the day long!
(Village Thrift - $7.00)

Floral mugs
(Village Thrift - $4.00 for the set)

Pink glass goblets
I'm really excited about these
(Goodwill- $1.25 a piece)

A few candle stick holders
(Goodwill - ranging from $.90 to $.50)

Antique bench
I don't want to change this bench at all, I love the color and fabric
(Village Thrift - $3.00)


Our Turkey Day

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving,
I know we did!
We played charades, watched football, and of course ate lots and lots of good food!
We couldn't have had a more perfect day.

These were the adorable name tags my cousin made for everybody's place setting

Here's the whole gang!
Well, at least the gang from the second part of our day.
Yes, we decided to visit both sides of the family this time!
I loved it, but I think next year Husband is going to insist on alternating families per holiday.

How fun does this look? I don't know why Husband would want to do this only once every Holiday!      
Isn't the saying, The More The Merrier!

Thrifted: me- stripped shirt, husband- sweater

Well, we stuffed ourselves silly.
We ate 2 turkey dinners, 2 servings of desserts,
 turkey sandwiches a little later, plus some junkie football food to end the night!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Give Thanks

It's that TIME of year again.
A time for giving THANKS.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Some things I am thankful for:
My husband
(he's my best friend)
Family & Friends
(ya can't get through life without them)
The roof over our heads 
(it might be small but it's just enough for us)
Hot baths
(there's nothing better after a long day)
A comfortable bed to sleep in
(oh the cuddling)
Laughing at every chance I get
(I enjoy watching Luke laugh more) 
(morning, noon, and night)
Foot Massages
(he loves my feet and I don't mind)
 (my life thrifted. exactly.)
(it makes everything just a little cozier)
Homemade pumpkin pie
(we just made our first, I think it turned out lovely)



Just One of Those Mornings

It's an ugly cold rainy day outside.
So I decided to sleep in until about 9.
But to my surprise, everyone else in the house was sleeping in too.

I caught him!
See I felt husband get out of bed around 7ish and I thought well good for him but I'm sleeping in...
haha silly little me, he was just sleeping on the floor in the living room.
Which is odd, I don't know why he just didn't get back in bed.
But in his defense, this is what I imagine happened:
Our toilet wasn't working properly right now, so he really couldn't sleep.
He got up around 7 to let the landlord in to fix it before his little wife would wake up and have to use it
Once it was fixed, he probably attempted to watch some TV but realized he should sleep instead!

I just had to take one of these!
He looks so cute, I just hope he likes the pictures because they're going up on the blog!
And not only was husband still sleeping but Luna was too!
Luke likes to say that Luna and I get out of bed at the same time... well not this morning!
I caught her too!

I guess it's just one of those mornings


Friday's Finds

I was reading something the other day on how to gain readership for your personal blog.
There was a lot of ideas, but the one I really liked was incorporating themed days in your postings.
So that's when I came up with Friday's Finds!
A look at my thrifty finds I have around the house

A vintage serving tray to display my jewelry

A wicker truck as my coffee table, also great for storage

 A antique lantern for decorations

 Cozy pink afghan throw for my couch

A long wicker basket used for DVD storage


Need of Organization

We live in the smallest apartment in Timonium.
(at least I think so)
And my furniture hoarding only makes the place look smaller.
So, today I decided to do some organizing.
The easy fix would be to go out and buy a shelving unit, but I'm all about being thrifty and creative,
so I found an alternative unit.
I made my own organizer out of apples crates!
Check it out...

Here's what our spaced looked like before.

These are all my apple crates I had laying around the house.
(I know husband is happy I am finally putting them to good use)

Stack them any way you'd like.
(I wanted to double them up on certain tiers but I didn't have the room or enough crates...
Next time though!)

Ah! Much better!
I even made a little calender since we are all about organization today!

Thrifted: crates all free!


A Day At The Museum

This weekend Husband and I spent a day at The Walters.
Yes, we have become quite the art connoisseurs during this semester.
Imagine cockeyed heads gazing at artwork, and letting out acknowledging grunts and curious coos from time to time - Yup that totally isn't us!

Thrifted: sweater, earrings

Actually in Museums,
We guess how the statues originally looked and we make up stories about them.
It's more our cup of tea!
I pictured this guy to be a stealthy Greek and named him Philippos.
(It's Greek I looked it up)
He poses like this to show off his giant pectoral muscles and it drives the Greek women crazy!

Also while we were there, we were able to squeeze in a game of checkers in the Knight's Hall.
This is Sir Luke Rothlisberger, ruler of Amazing Husband Land
(I bet he wishes I called him that)
Oh yeah, He won...

Of course I couldn't resist, I had to kiss one of the statue heads.
In fact, the more I look at it, the more I see a Sir Luke look-alike!
No wonder I picked this head to kiss.
...or maybe it's just the curly hair
I love that man's curls. Sir Luke's of course!

Oh, by the way, the ancient Egyptian jewelry is beautiful.
From the giant gold & turquoise necklaces to the chunky elephant bangles -
Those ancient Egyptians were pretty stylish.

I just had to post this mummy!
How creepy? Some one is, or was, in there! And at her feet are her canopic jars, which house her organs.
It was too surreal not to take a picture for the blog.

Overall, the day was great.
The visits real purpose was research for a paper due in out Art History class.
That might sound boring, but we made the best of it and had some good laughs too.
If ya get a chance you should definitely take a visit, its free!
I am sure we will visit again.


Save The Date

As you know, my cousin, Kelsi, and I are getting our wedding staging business started.
This weekend we had the pleasure of staging an engagement photo shoot for an adorable couple, 
Doug and Stephanie.
Stephanie wanted a vintage feel for their save the date photo.
This is what we came up with for them!

At times it feels like I live in my own thrift store.
For this photo shoot, we just went shopping in my house for all the props.

 Thrifted: everything

Soon I'll have Stephanie and Doug's professional pictures to share!