Brown Sugar Scrub

For gifts this year, I gave the women in my family sugar scrubs.
But I didn't buy the expensive scrubs from Bath & Body or Lush, 
I decided to make my own!
It was super easy and everyone seemed to like it. 

Here is what you'll need:
  • Brown Sugar  (2 1/4 cup)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2/3 cup)
  • Honey (4 tablespoons)
  • Mason Jars (I needed 3)

Mix in all you ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Scoop mix into your mason jars.
(make sure your sugar has a wet look)

Finish off with cute holiday bows!

Not only do the scrubs exfoliate but they smell delicious too!


Our Christmas

We had a great first Christmas,
filled with perfect gifts, tons of food, family and lots of laughs!

Husband woke up early to get breakfast started!
I am one lucky girl


We even got Luna a gift

After our great morning, we headed off to the families to keep the party going

Mark's tie was too cool not to post...
Good pick Jenny

Momma Ann got us an iPad!

Off to the other side!

The night ended with tattoos and stickers, lot of stickers!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


Friday's Finds

Friday's finds:
Christmas Edition

Tree Angel
(Goodwill: $. 50)

French Horns
(Goodwill: $.10 a piece, I bought 5)

Snowman Ornaments
(Goodwill: $.10 a piece, they are too cute I had to buy two... I couldn't resist)

The Duck
Luna {dog} wants to tear this poor duck apart
(Goodwill: $.10)

Crocheted stockings!
(FREE: passed down to me from my gran)

I have a lot more ornaments on the tree that were thrifted,
but I didn't want to go overboard for Friday's Finds.
So I just picked a few to showcase.

Our Tree

Finally, it's complete!
I know I am cutting it close, but our tree is finished!
I had to be very particular about it, after all it is our first one.
I think it showcases us quite well; adorned with homemade and thrifted ornaments!


Holiday Decor

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the Rothlisberger house!

I am all about re-using!  
I found this Santa hat at Goodwill and decided to cover one of my candy corns for our coffee table centerpiece!

I had these moss boxes from a wedding we staged just lying around the house.
Easy fix was to switch the ribbon to something more suitable for the holidays.
The outcome looks super cute under our tree!

A new change from fall to Christmas!


Homemade Ornaments

We finally got our tree!
It might be from Home Depot, but its perfect.
We decided we would find our perfect tree from no matter where it came from, whether it is from a tree farm or home depot.

So now that we have the tree, it's time to decorate it.
Because it is our first Christmas, we don't have any ornaments.
BUT I was not paying 8 dollars for only 6 ornaments from K-mart
no, no, no, no, no...
I took the goodwill and homemade approach! Surprising right?!
I just think the more eclectic a tree looks, the cozier it feels.

Here are instructions on a few simple ornament that I made:

What you'll need:
  • Embroidery Hoops 
( 2 different sizes - I choose 3 in. and 5 in. hoops) 
  • Fabric 
( I found a cute plaid curtain from goodwill and bought a half of yard of another plaid from Joann's)
  • Scissors & Twine
  • Cut fabric into squares
  •  Place into Embroidery hoops
  • Trim your edges
  • Hang with twine
Here's the final product!!
They look even better on our tree
(a picture of our tree is coming soon, its just not finished yet!)


First Attempt

It's our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Rothlisberger!
So of course we decided to go out of our way to make it the best experience.
Well, at least it was an experience...

Look at all those pretty Christmas trees.
The Husband and I did exactly that.
We spent 4 hours walking around this tree farm!!
I found something wrong with every tree...
And No, I am not being too picky.  For what a nice tree was going to cost us, 
it had better be pretty close to perfect.

Photo shoot time!  We had to spice this day up a little bit, because things were going
downhill fast.

Thrifted: polka dot shirt

As we entered our 4th hour searching for our tree, everyone was getting a little fatigued.
The dog began gulping mouth fulls of mud because she was so thirsty.
The husband was tired of pulling around a heavy tree cart... still empty.
And me, well I just hate walking for long periods of time, especially when it's cold.

He's so sad...

Finally, we ended up leaving WITHOUT a tree!
We were tired and muddy and treeless, but the worse part of all was having to walk past the farm owner on our way out.  I mean what do you say to the guy 4 hours later...
'Thanks for letting us walk around your giant farm,
                        Sorry, we just couldn't find a good one out of the hundreds of trees ya have here...'
 But don't worry, 
we played it off real cool - a little smile and a confident walk showed the owner,
this was what we meant to do the whole time.


Tomorrow we're out to find that illusive perfect tree.
 Who knows where we'll end up?


It's Blue!

Since being married, we have a lot of our wedding props still laying around the house.
Luckily when I bought everything, I kept in mind how I could use those items to decorate.
This is how I transformed our birdcage:

Thrifted: birdcage

The birdcage housed cards on the gift table.


Now its blue! And has decorative candles inside!
Much better!

Here were my steps for the candles:

Cut strips of burlap for the candles.

Finish off with twine bows

Then assemble!