Check Up Time

Thrifted: pants!

Whenever my grandmother has a doctors appointment, she knows who to call.  She only has them every 3-4 months, so I am glad to help out and its pretty cool being someones chauffeur for the day.  The best part is, its like a little mini doctor's appointment for me too.  I like to weigh myself (doctor's scale are always the most accurate), check my reflexes, and squeeze in a few questions about my ridiculous health concerns. I don't know how much the doctor likes it, since shes only getting paid by one patient for one check -up, but I think what the heck, I'm asking anyway... or Gran will.  It just looks a lot better when you get a little old cute grandmother to ask the questions for you.  This way it looks like she is the concerned one not me, and who can say no to Libby? I know I can't, that's how she has me driving her everywhere!


The best quote at today's doctor visit:
"Don't we have some music while I take my top off, I'll dance for you!"


...Oh Gran I love you!


  1. My grandma always says the best things too! Love the outfit!

    <3 Nicole