Friday's Finds

Picker Edition!

Some more of my finds!
and some more ...
 It's my Picking Partner!!!
We spent about 3 hours at this old farmhouse and spent only $40.00!

Here's the story behind our first picking experience: 

Remember the executive desk I talked about wanting earlier this week?  Well, when we showed up to the house, the executive desk had been sold!!  I was set on transforming that desk and now its not here. I was so upset! I think the owner could pick up on my disappointment, so he decided to show me a few more items left in the house. However, they were just a little new for my taste.  I asked if there was anything else that was really really old still left, he kinda laughed (I don't think he thought I was serious), but eventually showed us out to an old tool shed and milk barn!! Yes Yes Yes... we were in paint chipping, rusty tool, rustic barn wood heaven! It was great and these two sheds were where we found all of our great finds! It was such a great morning, husband and I decided we are going to do things like this more often!


  1. What an awesome place to look for stuff! I dream of picking old barns. great finds!

  2. You really found some great things! Love those old windows. It's nice when you and hubby can work together! Warm hugs, Esther