Here We Go

Thrifted: sweater, necklace

As you know, I have been collecting and finding old vintage furniture in hopes of refinishing and selling one day.  Fortunately, there has been a miracle that has happened here at the Rothlisberger house... Husband is finally on board with the whole thing!! Finally, finally, finally!!

 I'm not sure how hot our 500 sq. ft apartment is going to be looking now with mounds of furniture in every corner, but I am super excited about it.  Ya see, I used to have to beg husband to let me bring furniture home (well not really, because if he said no, I would just took those pieces to my moms and gmom- thanks lovies) But now there is no need for any of that!  Here's an example, the other day I emailed a lady about buying an old executive desk, I wasn't home for the reply because of my work schedule but when I did come home later that night, husband's first words to me were " the executive desk is still available and we are picking it up tomorrow!"  Wait!? What!?  Did I just hear that right?!  It was like our marriage had finally come full circle ( okay not really, I just thought that would be funny to say)... Anyways, we are off right now to go to an estate sale - wish us luck!

So here just a heads up that I am going to be having a good amount of furniture redo's on the blog!!
Too exciting!