That's a Problem, Thursday

Thrifted: plaid shirt, jacket, fur collar

Your grandmother is dreaming about kissing your husband
You find old shoes in your closet that are a size 7 and now you wear a size 6 (who shrinks their feet!)
You have a total of 9 dressers in your 500 sq.ft. apartment
You haven't shaved your legs in so long that whenever you wear jeans it tugs on the hair 
Your grandfather tells you you have legs like a lineman
You notice the steel plate coming up in your lane is bowing every time a car drives over it, please hold up for one more car
You can't go a whole day without looking at craigslist
Old men end up giving you monetary gifts, sometimes followed by love letters
The late night calls from your mother about fixing her computer because, well, you have a blog so you must be the next Bill Gates
When you really need a caffeinated drink, you end up hitting the ginger ale button on the vending machine
Staring at the gym equipment, analyzing the "how-to-use" pictures, and still being told your using the machine wrong

...That's a Problem

1 comment:

  1. haha those are pretty funny. love the outfit too. again, something I would wear :)