Estates - Here I Come

Thrifted: leather skirt, blouse, hat, bracelet

I have something to share with you all and I think it's pretty exciting! No... we're not pregnant, but something just as great, I have officially signed up for an estate sale notification site!  A site that sends me emails informing me of all the estate sales in my area, even DC and VA! Oh yeah, things are about to get crazy...!

How it all happened was on my way home from church on Sunday, I came across some signs leading me to an estate sale. Of course I went, and of course I bought stuff! (they will be on Friday's finds) While I was there, I got to talking with the gentleman hosting the sale and he gave me some ins and outs of the estate sale world.  One being this website!  I immediately signed up, and I got my first email this morning letting me know of some sales going on this weekend!  So, if anyone is available this Sunday afternoon for some good old shopping... let me know!


  1. That skirt is a great thrift find!

    xo Jennifer


  2. You are so stinkin cute! Great style. Also excited about seeing your estate finds in your upcoming post!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog! omg you really are a thrifting queen!! i can't wait to go this week!!!!!!

  4. You have the most amazing thrifted stuff! That skirt is gorgeous :)

  5. what's the website? I wonder if they have any western pa sales?