Friday's Finds

 I know this doesn't look like much now... But I am going to make it pretty!
(Village Thrift: $2.00)

A cute little tree to go with my milk glass collection
(Baltimore Free Market: free)

 Plaid blanket from Ikea- I see a lot of picnics in its future!
(Village Thrift: $3.90)

I saved THE BEST for last! I am totally obsessed with this old scale
Its mint green, its old, its rusty... its prefect! Can't wait to see it on my kitchen shelf
(Goodwill: $8.00)

<3 I hope everyone has a great weekend & and Happy Easter <3


  1. awesome awesome score with the scale!!! I love those, sadly, I haven't found one yet....

  2. Great finds! I love the scale too! I am obsessed with aqua but also love the minty green. I almost purchased a minty green vase from the thrift store today.