Monday Already

Thrifted: blouse
So I'm sitting here on my fifteen minute break, sipping on a hot dollar coffee, trying to figure out what to write about... I could write about my sister-in-laws beautiful shower this weekend, or Hubs horrible scratch on his stomach ( he got it from squeezing through a gate on his way to the light rail) or about a few good laughs my mother and I had on Sunday.  But I can't seem to expand on them much more than that. ( except the shower of course- pictures are coming this week) 

As I'm sitting here though, more and more men from the meat department are piling in behind me to use the other computers. They aren't really talking much either.  Do you think they are wondering why I am sitting in front of a computer with a giant picture of my self on the screen? HA, just looking at myself and writing a little paragraph underneath... Oh well who knows what they are thinking, but its definitely getting a little awkward!

Happy Monday!


  1. You are DARLING! I LOVE THIS! And I really do wonder what your co-workers think you're doing... MEN... haha! My boyfriend is totally mystified by the whole "blogging" thing... they just don't get it :)

    LOVELY ENSEMBLE TODAY! And can I pa-lease have your hair??



  2. hahaha! they're probably trying to figure out how they can follow...my husband doesn't understand the whole blogging idea also, but supportive enough to take my pictures! ha! lovely look all together! xxheidi

  3. i always wonder what people think when they see my on my blog during class or something.

    like, "why is that girl looking at pictures of herself?"


    you look adorable.