That's a Problem Thurday

Thrifted: belt, sweater, loafers


Your Husband satisfies his itchy arm on your leg stubble
Your Uncle tells you he has bigger boobs than you do
Your Husband tells you he would like to go camping for your one year anniversary
You become your husbands hair dresser, yet you know nothing about cutting hair!
You can barely read the TV Guide menu - but "your eyes are just fine" - yeah right doc.
You go around telling people that cheese has something addicting in it, but you're really not 100% positive if that's true... it's funny to see others reactions though!
You start using your Husband's Old Spice body wash for your hair because you keep forgetting to buy shampoo
Your have ants - everywhere!
You only go out to eat on half off nights-- you even share one entree to really get a good deal!

... That's a problem



  1. haha! funny post! thanks for visiting my blog. yes, let's follow each other and i'm now following. hope you're having a wonderful day!


  2. ps love those loafers and sweater...looks so comfortable! x

    1. Oh my gosh do I love them, yes very comfy and very wearable!

  3. You are a doll, by jingo! I love what you're wearing. The post as a whole kind of made my night. Just sayin'.

    janae@theletter4.com :)

    1. HA thanks Janae, you know I love visiting the letter4!