Evening Walks

Thrifted: ENTIRE OUTFIT! (skirt,belt,sweater)

There's something about evening walks I find to be very romantic. Maybe it's our careless strolling or how we reminisce about our day, or make each other laugh, or the amount of hand holding. I can't really figure it out, they just have a little space in my heart as some good ole romantic time.

But last nights walk was more playful than romantic (it's always good to change up the mood). It's probably because of our little scatting session (I'm an avid scatter), which then led into an intense whistling contest (he won).  Or more likely because of the few honks we received from our many spontaneous bum squeezes and long long kisses!  For some reason, I never mind a good session of PDA when we are out on our walks.  I find it a bit funny all the funny stares and inaudible comments we get a long the way.  So if you happen see an overly touchy couple walking their white dog down York Road, give us a little shout or honk!


  1. I love that leopard print top!

    1. Thanks Candice... can't you tell I do too haha I always wear it on here

  2. Well, aren't you adorable! Love the outfit!

  3. Super cute! :)


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Jaimie, and thanks for following along - I'm glad ya like the blog!