Per Request...

Since we just celebrated our One Year Anniversary, a few people emailed me about our honeymoon.  We started in Shepherdstown WV and ended up in Cancun Mexico!!

From The Bed & Breakfast...

To The Island...
 Just off the plane and on the boat over to the Palace

 The beach was beautiful - clear water and white sand all around

 Our suite

Suite jacuzzi 

 View from the lobby


 & again...


 oh those beaches...

 Our Resort

 The town on the Island of Isla Mujeres

 Souvenir shopping

 The snorkeler 


 I got sea sick snorkeling, not sure how that happened,
so I just wore the vest & gear around to look cool

 A little stroll we took to the tip of the Island

 Photo opp - thanks self timer!

 An amazing infinity pool right on the beach

 Dinner time pic!

 Our little golf cart we toured the island with

 When you stood in this wall, you were able to see the ocean on the other side of the island
 ( I think the entire island was only about 3-4 miles wide...)

 The Lobby

 Our view, my man

 We swam with dolphins... twice!

 More snorkeling...

Romantic dinner on the beach


 & again...

One of the best things about staying at a Palace resort, 
we were about to visit all the other Palaces & use their amenities - all inclusive!
 (these next 3 pictures are of that exploration)
 Roof top pool

 & bar...

A nice couple we watched the Miguel Jackson show with - Thriller!
He looked just like Michael Jackson!


10 days later, we had to leave....

A few other cool things about our honeymoon:
*It was a couples only resort - no crying or rowdy kiddos
*Breakfast every morning on the beach
*We ate french fries and tacos almost every day by the pool
*Everything in town was goodwill prices!
*I think there were only 4 other couples at the resort during our stay
*Movies on the beach
*Didn't rain once
*We scheduled massages for one night
*24 hour room service (2 am chocolate cake craving - fixed!)
... and the list goes on and on!


  1. umm heavenly, I need some Mexico in my life!

    1. It was heavenly Emily! I want to go back so badly

  2. Looks so wonderful! I wish that we would have been able to take a honeymoon esp there! Maybe we could go in the near future...Love your hair in the pictures!