That's a Problem Thursday

Thrifted: blazer, long blouse, belt, loafers


An all white outfit can't even help you appear tan
Your mom tells you her flowers are like her children
Spell check would like for you to use the word "thrusting" instead of "thrifting" 
A lady freaks out, I mean freaks out, that your bakery doesn't carry cherry pies, oh yeah and she tries to get you written up for it
You can't resist eating chocolate cake at 8 am (gets me every time)
You begin to tell a friend about a great movie they have to go see and they interrupt you to say it was them you went and saw it with ( love you Kels)
Your husband drops a piece of cookie in your shoe and still eats it... reminder- I had just finished walking a mile in those shoes
You are still unable to interpret your dogs barks, so you just feed her (look out-- we're probably going to have a chubby baby due to my lack of whispering skills - dog whispering, baby whispering it's all the same right?!) 

...That's a Problem 


  1. Chocolate cake gets me every time, no matter what time of the day it is!!
    love your post :)

    followme@ www.studentswife.com

  2. Lol I have the fairest skin nothing could make me look tan! Agree with you there.

  3. 1. I think my mom loves her flowers more than me
    2. Some people are so rude! Can't believe that lady wanted to write you up!
    3. In my house it's normal to eat sweets for breakfast. Healthy? No
    4. About the cookie...5 second rule!!

    For the Record

  4. Thew print on this blazer, and it's thrifted!

  5. You look FAB! Love that your thrifted pieces look so chic and casual!

    1. Thanks for the great compliment, they were pretty exciting finds

  6. Haha, omgsh, your list had me giggling bad xD
    These are valid problems, some more mortifying than others (that lady complaining? Sheesh, she needs to chill!)
    Anyway, this all white outfit still looks cute. Great layering on top :)

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    1. Thanks love! I think they are pretty funny problems as well.. but its def good to know others can laugh at my problems with me

  7. You are so cute! I am impressed with your thrifting finds! Way to make it look designer!

    <3 Clare