Thrifted: blouse

I hate cold feet.  If my feet are cold then my entire body is cold.  It is the worst feeling especially when I am trying to sleep.  With that being said, I believe there are two ways to avoid this horrible dilemma.  There is the option to curl them underneath the comforter similar to a swaddling technique (husbands option) or just where socks to bed.  This is what I opt for, of course, and this seems bothers him.  I am not sure how much it actually does bother him or if he just gets a great kick out of trying to take my socks off while we lay in bed.  Oh yes, this happens quite a bit - an every night quite a bit.  It can sometimes turn into a full blown wrestling match because lets face it, if my feet are cold I'm not just gonna let him take those socks from me.  Sometimes I do think maybe I should just not wear socks to skip the whole wrestling thing tonight, but there's that shred of hope he won't notice and we'll fall asleep; his feet swaddled and my feet in socks - Happy as a clam!


Photos by Mitsy

With Luke starting up school at University of Baltimore,
he just doesn't have the time like he use to for my blog pictures.
(he is soo bummed out about it haha)

Thrifted: black blouse

I mean why wouldn't he miss taking my pictures on the daily!  Fortunately, my number one fan was totally willing to take his place.  Although she isn't the most camera savvy, the tripod makes the process a lot easier. She's the best kind of photographer a girl could ask for.  She tells you things like "you look great in every pose", or "oh yeah, that was a good one, or "your body is so cute", and my favorite "work it girl!"  If you haven't figures it out, it's my mom!

She's basically my best friend so this new deal we have worked out is perfect! I bring like four or five outfits for the shoot, I pick her up and we find a pretty destination.  We share a lot, I mean a lot of laughs. For instance, the other day she totally failed on look out duty when a car pulled up directly next to my window right when I was changing my top! --she gave me no warning ha. We both just looked at each other with that classic "only happens to us" kinda look and laughed for about 10 minutes.  It was great. I can tell there's going to more stories like this to come. I'm excited!


Friday's Finds

Sorry for the poor lighting on my finds. 
I'm finally taking a photography class this semester, so hopefully I'll be getting some helpful tips!

 Bench I plan to re-upholster
(Goodwill: $10.00)

 Vintage Vase
(Goodwill: $1.25)

 Floral Drapes
(Goodwill $6.00)

Curtain Rod
(Goodwill: $1.50)


What's Goodwill Thinking?

 Thrifted: blouse, belt, purse, scarf

Has anyone been to Goodwill lately?  Luckily, I am a frequent {daily} visitor, so I will give you the scoop.  I have noticed that they are getting a little steep with their prices and I am becoming quite confused.  Here's what I am running into... So how goodwill is laid out is they have their general merchandise area which has an overall price for all the items - like blazers are $5.75, or long sleeve shirts are $4.75- and that's fine and those prices are reasonable.  But their "ladies boutique", oh no no no,  that sections prices are outrageous.  I'm talking $45.00 for a coat with a little fur on it or a Neiman Marcus sweater for $50.00.  Now granted that is probably a great deal for that sweater if it were on the sale rack at Neiman Marcus but it's not... it's here at the Goodwill and has been worn multiple times and has some snags.  You see my frustration.  So my tip for anyone going to the Goodwill in the near future would be not to even waste your time on the ladies boutique and head right over to the general racks.  But if something happens to catch your eye over there...only buy it on Super Saturday (half price mark downs!!)


Trip to Loews


 Thrifted: leopard sweater, faux scarf, brooch, bracelet

Yesterday, we made our way over to Loews hardware store (remember husbands new construction venture - lots of tools around the house and lots of trips to Loews).  Luke is so funny to watch when he is about to purchase something - well, more frustrating than funny.  Since I didn't have a video camera, I'll just give you a little idea of how this trip went.  We walked over to the tool section and stood in front of 3 levels for about 15 min, yes 15 min looking at the same levels!  They ranged from about $15-$40, which is what was causing the dilemma for him (Ya see, he gets very nervous when he is about to spend any amount of money.  This will be great when we retire, but not so great when we are in a tool shop).  Then after we pondered for those fifteen minutes, he decided to show me all the tools he had bought online, he picked them up, made their sounds, and boasted about the great deals he got.  Really, it was quite cute.  And if you can believe it, we ended up back at the levels- oh those levels which one should we buy? 
Turns out we were just comparison shopping.
Oh I do love him.


A Story about Curls

Thrifted: blouse, bracelet, belt

Boy meets girl.  Boy has curls.  Boy likes girl.  Girl hates curls.
Boy marries girl.  Girl loves his curls. Curls curls curls. Can't get enough curls.
Boy thinks curls are getting too long.  Girl won't part with curls. What's a boy to do?


Friday's Finds

Great Lanterns 
(Goodwill: $1.50 each)

Antique Jug
(This was actually $10... I splurged at an antique store in PA)

(Goodwill: $4 - still working on a homemade shade- tutorial to come)

(Closing sale at an antique store: $5)


eBay Baby

Lately, husband has become what he likes to call an "eBay Phenom"

Thrifted: blouse

An old professor of his has asked him to help with a couple of stage sets this year. Ya see, this is what Luke used to do in  high school- build stage sets, so he was excited about this new opportunity to do it again. However, in high school the tools were provided for you and now he had to bring his own. This is when his passion for eBay started. I think over the past 3 weeks I have not seen that man go to any other website but eBay and every other second I will hear drills or saws going off because he is watching tool videos (remember he's the researcher)

When he finally knew which tools he wanted, he had to figure out how to bid on eBay. After one gag where he was out sniped (bidding term I just recently learned) on a drill with 3 seconds left, he was determined to become a pro. And that's exactly what he became! He came across two perfect tools and he bid away. It was like watching myself in a thrift store when he was bidding on these things.  He was so excited! Being the pro that he had become, he ended up getting both tools way way under market value. and that's what I call a eBay phenom!


Saying Goodbye

We listed my car on craigslist.

Thrifted: plaid top, belt, necklace

I've had this car for 6 years. It was my first and only car until I met Luke.  It took me everywhere I needed and never let me down (well only a few times when she would just shut off on me and not start back up, but that was towards the end of her life... otherwise she was great). I've had some great memories with Black Beauty - yes that's what I named her and I'm gonna miss the old girl.  But I guess its finally time to say goodbye, after all she is 20 years old.



We decided last night was going to be date night. We were wrapping up our three day vacation and Luke was scheduled to go into work later which meant we could stay out late! All sounds good right?
Not exactly... 

We opted for dinner and a movie just to keep it low key and simple. Actually, the real reason was that we had gift cards to both places so that made husband happy and wiling to go! Okay so back to how the night went... it started out in a bit of a rush because husband was trying to bid on this drill on eBay (which he ended up not getting). That held us up for our dinner by about 15-20 min. This was a problem ya see because we were trying to catch a 7:15 showing of the movie Tinker Taylor and it was now going on 6:15 when we finally left the house. We finally get to the restaurant only to find out that they are no longer serving my favorite dish. I mean it's my favorite, I get it every time we go to this place and now they don't have it! That was our second hiccup of the night. 

Luckily, we are able to stuff our faces in time to make it into the theater before even the previews.  Then as we are sitting there, the previews were going on and on for about 45 min until the feature actually began. I mean 45 min of previews that's a little ridiculous. I am even surprised we sat through all of that, but husband was pretty excited about the movie so we stuck it out. Finally, the movie starts and its going good, except a few things aren't adding up. For example one of the agents has an iphone and the other is being directed through under ground tunnels via blue tooth and gps. That all seems normal for a spy movie except the spy movie we were supposed to be seeing was set back during the Cold War- ya see where the confusion is now!

Then all of a sudden Tom Cruise pops up on the screen... We both turn to one another and at this point obviously know that we're in the WRONG movie! Oh my gosh we have been sitting in this theater that is showing Mission Impossible NOT Tinker Taylor- third hiccup

Graciously, the manager gave us our gift card back because we had already missed way to much of our movie to be able to follow it. I am sure those standing around to hear had a few good laughs on our behalf but hey so did we. To make up for it, Luke suggests going to get dessert instead and coming back another night. Fourth hiccup-  as we are walking up, the pastry shop locks their doors and turns their lights off! Yup they're closed.

This cannot be happening! We never have date night or go out and when we finally do, this is what we are running into... It was just so typical.

But at the end of it all, we went to the grocery store and bought some brownie mix, ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup and rented Harry Potter from a Redbox.

I know this is a long story but it is all so so true and it was too funny not to share!

It was a perfect date night!


Bad Eyes

I am convinced that I need glasses, so why are Doctors telling me otherwise?

Thrifted: blazer, belt

 I get headaches all the time from straining my eyes just to read the TV menu. I mean I'm even scared to drive with myself at night! And I can't even begin to tell you about headlights. It's like driving with a bunch of giant white stars headed right towards me. Its horrible. I remember when I completed the eye exam at my last sports physical, the girl administering the exam asked "if I drove myself to this physical!" Oh yeah she did.  So I decided to fix the problem and get a professional, thorough eye exam a year later. Yes - it took me a whole year to finally get around to this. But I did it so that's the whole point right? 

Unfortunately, unrealistically, unbelievably, the doctor told me I DID NOT need glasses. WHAT!? That's impossible doc. I can't see squat! "Are you sure?" I said, "Should we do this thing again just to be sure?" Nope Mrs Rothlisberger your eyes are fine, not perfect but fine. If I wanted, I could get glasses, but I do not need them to legally drive. That's crazy to me.  But of course I asked for the prescription anyway because now I can get a cute pair of glasses! Any reason to buy an accessory... 
but I am positive they will help.



We have the next three days off! This never happens!

Thrifted: polka dot top, faux fur scarf

We actually knew we were going to have this week off together, so we thought about a nice get a way to Wisp Ski Resort. Unfortunately, the weather thought differently. It was expecting rain every day in the forecast and that's not great weather for the slopes.  I was so bummed. I love little trips and we never ever have time to take any, this was the perfect time. Luckily, to make up for our trip mishap, husband said he would do anything to make our three days still special. I don't think he knew what he was getting into when he opened the options up for me! If everything goes accordingly, I will have a newly painted kitchen, open shelving on the walls, more old furniture to refinish, curtains hung, and oh yeah, a few photo shoots (one down, many more to go). Sounds like a perfect three days!


Card Night

For those of you who didn't know, I had an 82 year old roommate of 3 years.
She was the best roommate a girl could ask for.
She made dinner every night, enjoyed folding my laundry, got me in the habit of changing my bed sheets, always had toothpaste and toilet paper on hand, loved challenging me in Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune, gossiped with me about the neighbors, but best of all, she exposed my passion for a good game of cards! It was seriously addicting. We got to the point where we had a scheduled card night every Wednesday and we called ourselves the Card Club Girls! The club consisted of the four usuals and every so often we would have tag-a-longs (sometimes it would be husband, before he was husband!). We would play into the wee hours of the morning- sometimes 1am. And there was lots of coffee, treats and jazz music!  How fun does that sounds? Yeah, she was basically the best!

Luckily, the other night we were able to make our way over for some good old cards again!

Fun gang!

Posing sexy for the husband, nothing new.
 I captured the action shot ha
 Look at this guy, he even looks great when he holds cards

One of the original girls!

Here she is beating us all.
 The old girl knows her cards
Ah I love her!!



Friday's Finds

Now that I found these awesome shelves for our newly painted bathroom,
I am on the hunt for some fun knick knacks.
Here is what I have so far...

 Mason jars left over from the wedding on top vintage books
 (books were free!)

(Goodwill: $4)

Not sure what to call this, but it will soon house all of my hair pins and clips! I love the detail...
(Goodwill: $2)

 Decorative Plate
Lately, I've been into gold and turquoise- how perfect 
(Goodwill: $2)

Not sure what this is either,
but the age and distress on this piece is right down my alley!
(Goodwill: $1)

As soon as I am finish distressing the shelves, I will have an completed bathroom photo to share!