Friday's Finds

Picker Edition!

Some more of my finds!
and some more ...
 It's my Picking Partner!!!
We spent about 3 hours at this old farmhouse and spent only $40.00!

Here's the story behind our first picking experience: 

Remember the executive desk I talked about wanting earlier this week?  Well, when we showed up to the house, the executive desk had been sold!!  I was set on transforming that desk and now its not here. I was so upset! I think the owner could pick up on my disappointment, so he decided to show me a few more items left in the house. However, they were just a little new for my taste.  I asked if there was anything else that was really really old still left, he kinda laughed (I don't think he thought I was serious), but eventually showed us out to an old tool shed and milk barn!! Yes Yes Yes... we were in paint chipping, rusty tool, rustic barn wood heaven! It was great and these two sheds were where we found all of our great finds! It was such a great morning, husband and I decided we are going to do things like this more often!

Look What Husband Bulit

I married an amazing man!
He can do everything... from writing remarkable poems to building phenomenal stage sets.
Yup, he can do it all!

This is the stage set for the play Pippin!
He did it all by himself!
So proud, I had to brag a little about him to you all!


That's a Problem, Thursday

Thrifted: plaid shirt, jacket, fur collar

Your grandmother is dreaming about kissing your husband
You find old shoes in your closet that are a size 7 and now you wear a size 6 (who shrinks their feet!)
You have a total of 9 dressers in your 500 sq.ft. apartment
You haven't shaved your legs in so long that whenever you wear jeans it tugs on the hair 
Your grandfather tells you you have legs like a lineman
You notice the steel plate coming up in your lane is bowing every time a car drives over it, please hold up for one more car
You can't go a whole day without looking at craigslist
Old men end up giving you monetary gifts, sometimes followed by love letters
The late night calls from your mother about fixing her computer because, well, you have a blog so you must be the next Bill Gates
When you really need a caffeinated drink, you end up hitting the ginger ale button on the vending machine
Staring at the gym equipment, analyzing the "how-to-use" pictures, and still being told your using the machine wrong

...That's a Problem


Hump Day

 Thrifted: blouse, blazer (free market), loafers, belt (free market)

 I am ready for the weekend to get here.  Work was very slow today, my feet hurt, I'm exhausted, Husband left for school already (only saw him for 30 min.), my face is breaking out, and I have kickboxing at 8, I'm getting my blog up late, I want to finish this  beaded chandelier, I just realized I have to add another coat of primer to this bookcase, I need to vacuum, my bathroom needs a good scrubbing... 
Oh Wednesdays, I do love you!


Here We Go

Thrifted: sweater, necklace

As you know, I have been collecting and finding old vintage furniture in hopes of refinishing and selling one day.  Fortunately, there has been a miracle that has happened here at the Rothlisberger house... Husband is finally on board with the whole thing!! Finally, finally, finally!!

 I'm not sure how hot our 500 sq. ft apartment is going to be looking now with mounds of furniture in every corner, but I am super excited about it.  Ya see, I used to have to beg husband to let me bring furniture home (well not really, because if he said no, I would just took those pieces to my moms and gmom- thanks lovies) But now there is no need for any of that!  Here's an example, the other day I emailed a lady about buying an old executive desk, I wasn't home for the reply because of my work schedule but when I did come home later that night, husband's first words to me were " the executive desk is still available and we are picking it up tomorrow!"  Wait!? What!?  Did I just hear that right?!  It was like our marriage had finally come full circle ( okay not really, I just thought that would be funny to say)... Anyways, we are off right now to go to an estate sale - wish us luck!

So here just a heads up that I am going to be having a good amount of furniture redo's on the blog!!
Too exciting!


Yeah, It's Free!

 Thrifted: blouse, coat (FREE!)

Boy has it been a while since I've posted! I guess I was a little thrown off after my weekend down the ocean and I completely forgot to take any pictures... But its okay, because I didn't forget this week and I'm back in business.

See this coat I'm wearing, well, there is a pretty cool story behind it... at least I think it's a cool story. So about 2 months ago, I was contacted by a girl who reads my blog. (pretty cool so far!)  She told me that a co-worker of hers brought in a coat with the intentions of throwing it away. Luckily, luckily, luckily my friend Elise immediately thought of yours truly - lover of all things cheap, thrifty, and especially free- as a perfect new owner for this coat.

Once I gave her my number and she sent me a picture, I was in LOVE! How could I not be? Pink and fur together on one coat- true bliss.  After I wiped the drool from my mouth and my heart palpitations, I think I went and got the coat that night! ( I had to have it ya know - no time to waste)

As she's bringing it out to me, I'm praying, hoping, wishing please fit, please fit, please, please, please! It was looking pretty good on her hanger, so I had a good feeling about it!

I finally got home and  tried this baby ... wouldn't ya know it- IT FITS! ( woop woop!) It was the best feeling - lights flashing, trumpets playing, big spotlight on me, kind of feeling. 

Free coat in the closet- Check!

So that's my awesome story, here is my awesome coat, and I guess a good moral to get out of this would be, Before you throw it out- think of ME

                                Happy Monday!


A Beach Picnic

Picnic Time!  
We went to a local park and set up our blanket and picnic basket right on the beach!  
There was no one else there! 
Husband grilled up some amazing food.
I feel like I ate it all!
Luna was so sandy and wet.
There was cuddling on a beach.
Sand in my hair and my shoes...
Everything was perfect!


Ocean City Here We Come!

Thrifted: blouse, belt, skirt, loafers

I'm on my way down to Ocean City for a soccer tournament! It's pretty exciting to get a little mini vaca in March, but pretty sad that husband can't come! It's going to feel so weird sleeping without him! I haven't slept a night away from him since being married.  Boo!

Luckily, my girlfriend Jena is coming down with me. And if she doesn't mind cuddling... then we are going to have a great time!


Blast You Cheap Mind

 Thrifted: jean shirt, belt, loafers

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself, okay... I laugh at myself a lot. But I particularly find myself the funniest when shopping at thrift stores.  Here's why, I will walk around Goodwill, for an hour and a half hold three shirts, contemplating these items of clothing- will they go with my existing wardrobe, do they fit me right or are they too big and frumpy, are they worth $5 a piece ... because if I buy all three, that's $15 total... which is a pretty big bill for GW.  SEE, this is horrible! And the worse part is, after my contemplation, I usually put all three items back and walk out empty handed!!!

So here I sit writing this blog and realize I really want one of the shirts.  It was so cute and perfect for me. I feel myself going through a whole anxiety period of hoping the shirt will still be there- wishing, wanting, hoping! I've already imagined three adorable outfits involving this shirt. And if it's not there.... I go through a whole separation anxiety and regret period because in my mind the shirt is mine, but the reality is that someone else is making a cute outfit from it! Ugh, blast you, you cheap mind of mine, why couldn't you just shove out the $5 from the beginning and skip this whole thing!

Okay, okay, okay, I'm off to the store to see if my shirt is still there! Its the driving back to the store I was just at yesterday that makes me really laugh at myself! To buy a shirt I was carrying around yesterday - some more laughing... Who does this?!

Wish me luck



Thrifted: blouse, belt, jacket!

Dear Thighs,
Please stop rubbing holes in all of my work pants! Your persistent attraction to one another has caused a serious problem and I don't want to spend money to fix it.  Left thigh, you are no longer allowed to touch right thigh, and right thigh you are no longer allowed to touch left thigh! Please stop!

Your owner!


Days like this

Thrifted: blazer, belt

This week has been great!  The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect and the birds are chirping. The only thing standing in my way is my little monthly visitor decided to show up unexpectedly and uninvited! Cramping, bloating, crying, laughing, some more crying and some more laughing. Husband looks at me wrong- its because I'm fat and ugly (some more crying). My jeans feel tighter then usually (I'm fat and ugly...more crying).  Why does this thing do this to us?!

 I can't let her win...I must shake the mood swings and enjoy this lovely week. You will not bring me down and ruin my day! I'll show you whose boss... Now where's that chocolate!



I finally completed this dresser and I am ready to sell it!

This dresser had a lacquer finish which I had to sand completely off!

(It took a long time)

 (this took even longer...)

But the final product looks great!

Please contact me about prices!
(I have to get rid of this piece in order to bring another piece into our house...Husband says!)


Oh Mornings...

Thrifted: sweater, loafers, necklace

I know last week I talked about how much I am not a morning person! Well... this morning it was really bad.  I had work at 8, the norm, but for some reason I was a complete lazy bum when I was getting ready today. I work up around 7:45 am (yes I only gave myself 15 min. to get to work), so I knew I could only focus on the essentials.  I immediately rushed to my coffee maker and turned that baby on (1st essential- a cup of joe), brushed my teeth and washed the face (2nd essential- good hygiene), only had time to apply mascara this morning (3rd essential- when in a rush, always plump the lashes!), slipped on the uniform (4th essential - don't leave the house without your clothes on), lastly, I had Husband vacuum me! (5th essential - when out of lint rollers...vacuum!)


Check Up Time

Thrifted: pants!

Whenever my grandmother has a doctors appointment, she knows who to call.  She only has them every 3-4 months, so I am glad to help out and its pretty cool being someones chauffeur for the day.  The best part is, its like a little mini doctor's appointment for me too.  I like to weigh myself (doctor's scale are always the most accurate), check my reflexes, and squeeze in a few questions about my ridiculous health concerns. I don't know how much the doctor likes it, since shes only getting paid by one patient for one check -up, but I think what the heck, I'm asking anyway... or Gran will.  It just looks a lot better when you get a little old cute grandmother to ask the questions for you.  This way it looks like she is the concerned one not me, and who can say no to Libby? I know I can't, that's how she has me driving her everywhere!


The best quote at today's doctor visit:
"Don't we have some music while I take my top off, I'll dance for you!"


...Oh Gran I love you!