That's A Problem Thursday

 Thrifted: blouse, scarf, belt, loafers


Your air conditioning decides to brake during the hottest days of May
The guy at the flea market is selling his antique dresser for $5.00 (remember, I already have 8 dressers...but I can't pass up something that's on sale for $5.00)
Your cable starts to act up during the best part of your favorite show
All you've had to eat today is coffee ice cream
Your Husband gets you hooked on The Hatfield and McCoy 3 day series, only to be completely depressed by the end of it
The only way to find a certain hair style you would like to try is by typing into YouTube "princess Leia hair" (don't worry it's a cute one!)
Your edible body icing seems to be what is attracting ants into the bathroom
You just find out you're able to access your voice mail by holding in the 1 button (I've had the phone for over a year...)
Your pants are half off while changing in the car, your mom decides to open the door because she's hot

...That's a problem


Baby Vera

We finally went to see our new niece Vera! 
Here's just a little preview of what we enjoyed all day!
... I must say, babies are pretty fun to photograph...


Who Organizes Over the Weekend Anyway...

Thrifted: shorts-used-to-be-pants, loafers, jean top, belt

My organizing weekend was thrown completely out the window.  I literally got nothing done that I originally planned.  Since it was so hot and humid, pictures were the last thing I was trying to do - changing into 5 different outfits in a 100 degree car is not the ideal scenario for good photos.  Who wants to look at pictures of a sweaty tomato! Ow Ow hottie.

I also wanted to finish a dresser that's sitting in my grandma's shed - nope didn't get to it.
Giving the blog a new look was also on the itinerary - and as you can see, that wasn't completed either.

Instead, I played in the stream, had crabs with my mom, watched a baseball game with my gran, went to a flea market with my husband (purchased another dresser), and finished off my Sunday at a free estate sale! Who can say no to all that fun!  Not this girl.


The Three Musketeers

Three generations of great women!
I love you both so much
Thank you for helping me with my photo shoot...
& playing around with the self timer!
We look so candid!


Thrifted: Entire Outfit! (shirt, belt, skirt, bag)

What a crazy week we are having.  We celebrated our anniversary for two days (honestly, didn't want it to end), we spent time with my in-laws who are off to London for 6 months (crazy - going to miss you guys) and worked, worked, worked.  So I'm very sorry for only posting like once, but as you can see every time I would have a chance to sit down in front of this computer, something comes up and off I would go.  

I really can't believe its Friday already (not that I'm complaining - it's been a great week for us!) but I completely forgot Thursday's problems and Friday's finds -  I know, "That's a Problem!"  Luckily, I had these pictures saved on my computer somewhere so I would at least have something to post today!  But don't worry, after today, I have the weekend off and I plan on having a blog organizing party - by myself... but its still going to be a party!


Yeah, I wear my nightgown outside

 Thrifted: dress (nightgown), belt, bracelet, clutch

Yes, this dress is actually a nightgown.  Well, at least that is what I was told when I was checking out at Goodwill.  Unlike when I saw it, I immediately thought maxi dress.  But who cares?  I'll wear this nightgown with great pride. 

  I remember when I saw it last Friday, I loved it as soon as I tried it on.  But there was now way I was going to pay $6.75 (remember... I am thinking it is going to be rung up as a dress).  So I decided to wait until Saturday for 1/2 off of certain tags deals.  I knew I could take the risk waiting another day on this dress; I doubt anyone else saw the potential I did.  Fortunately, on Sat. the dress was there and it's tag was a 1/2 off item! Score, big time!

When I was ready to check out, my total came to $1.50.  I starred at the girl behind the register for a moment  - maybe she just feels bad from me, I thought, like why does this girl think this dress is cute.  Of course, I had to question why it was so cheap  and her response was "nightgowns are originally $3.00 so your final total is $1.50 with the half off tag"  I couldn't help but laugh " I'll take it anyway!"

You better believe that as soon as I got home, I dolled this puppy up with a few accessories, a blazer, a clutch, and VoilĂ , you have an amazing maxi dress!


From Husband to Wife

My wife, Jessica, and I celebrated our one year anniversary by returning to the quaint W. German Street of Shepherdstown, WV.  One year ago, we spent our wedding night at the Thomas Shepherd Inn.  Thus, what would be more fitting than to commemorate our romantic evening by retreating to the same king size, four post, antique canopy bed?  Absolutely nothing.

We drove through the plush Shenandoah Valley and arrived early Monday evening.  Greeted by the gracious Inn Keepers, we once again became familiar with the gorgeous interior and decor.  We enjoyed the fine chocolates left by the Inn Keepers as a thoughtful anniversary gift, and later cleaned up for dinner in the claw-foot tub, and with the rain shower head; Jessica described it as providing simply the perfect amount of water pressure.

At The Press Room - one of the local restaurants within walking distance of our Inn - we ate Tuscany style shrimp with white beans, penne bolognese, and sauteed chicken topped with prosciutto and a fire roasted red pepper.  For a brief moment we felt like we were high class, but after we experienced unexpected difficulty deciding whether the extra virgin olive oil left on our table was for dipping bread into, or if it was just decoration, we smiled into each others eyes as we fell from our ephemerally held renowned status, back to naive newlyweds, thrilled to explore the world together. 

Back at the Inn, we tiptoed along floor boards that cooed memories as they creaked under our weight.  We stayed up late, shadows, cast by the fire light, dancing on the walls, while we drank hot chocolate and apple cider.  We woke to the smell of sliced fruit, cinnamon toast, dill eggs, and sizzled bacon and eventually departed, promising the Inn keepers we'd visit again.  The simply elegant night was the perfect beginning to our second year of marriage. 

Jessica, I love you.  Our lives have become one, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Your Husband and Best Friend,



A Year Ago Today...

Get ready... because there are a lot of pictures!

I definitely couldn't write captions under every photo - that would have taken forever!
But this wedding was a true DIY wedding and I made sure everything was thrifted... even down to Luke's slacks!


I'll write something sentimental later, right now we're off to celebrate!

Photo Credit: www.inspiredbylovely.blogspot.com & www.bluekitephoto.com