Oh the walks...

Here's just a glimpse at all the fun we have

Since I talked about our walks earlier this week, it seemed appropriate to take the camera along with us this time.  This trail is one of our favorites.  You would never be able to tell that is it right off a busy street and that's what we like about it.  We're able to sit by the ponds, run through the fields, and if we're lucky spot a few deer!

Don't be fooled by the pictures above - In reality, the dog runs the show


That's a Problem Thursday

 Thrifted: dress, belt

Shower Edition


Your getting out of the shower and only then do you realize you've left conditioner in your hair
You shave too fast and now it looks like you have the chicken pox
The sound from your almost empty body wash is followed by "honey are you okay?"
Your shaving under your arms and the shampoo runs into your eyes - ouch!
Your body becomes so contorted from shaving your bikini line you discover new moles and get water up your nose

...That's a problem


A Good Reason to Look in Dumpsters...

Yes, you read the title correctly! I found this amazing piece in the dumpster at my work!
 It's super durable, it's heavy and it's a solid wrought iron piece! Oh yeah, and it was FREE!

What ya think?!



Thrifted: blazer

What better to do on my day off then park my rear on the couch and watch a Laguna Beach marathon.  As in the reality show that followed rich high school students around California. Yeah, that Laguna Beach show.  It's still addicting.  So I'm warning you now... If you turn it on, you might not be able to get off the couch - hence my rears problem right now.   



Evening Walks

Thrifted: ENTIRE OUTFIT! (skirt,belt,sweater)

There's something about evening walks I find to be very romantic. Maybe it's our careless strolling or how we reminisce about our day, or make each other laugh, or the amount of hand holding. I can't really figure it out, they just have a little space in my heart as some good ole romantic time.

But last nights walk was more playful than romantic (it's always good to change up the mood). It's probably because of our little scatting session (I'm an avid scatter), which then led into an intense whistling contest (he won).  Or more likely because of the few honks we received from our many spontaneous bum squeezes and long long kisses!  For some reason, I never mind a good session of PDA when we are out on our walks.  I find it a bit funny all the funny stares and inaudible comments we get a long the way.  So if you happen see an overly touchy couple walking their white dog down York Road, give us a little shout or honk!


A Proper Thanks

Thrifted: blazer, blouse

I am totally obsessed with this blazer!  Everything about it - The colors, the buttons and especially the shoulders!  And it's because of these shoulders that I am giving a much needed Thank you.  

Thank you Kim K for inspiring me to feel comfortable in my protruding shoulder pads, 
for not making me feel like a linebacker and for opening up all the doors to my mom's 80's wardrobe! Yes, Kim K, Thank you!

 P.S.  Not only does my blazer have great shoulder pads, but the blouse I am wearing underneath has them too. Yup, I'm doubling up right now!  ...That's one of the best part about Goodwills and Thrift Stores, you can always find shoulders pads in the shirts!


Boxers or Briefs

 Thrifted: ENTIRE OUTFIT!! (slacks, sweater, clutch, belt)

When I was folding Husbands laundry the other day (like a good wife), I began to wonder what was the point of boxers?!  They remind me of a pair of baggy light weight shorts.  Like what is their purpose, do they support anything, don't they ride up, do they clump between your thighs?  I just don't get it.  I can't imagine wearing something that isn't tight or fitting down there; I would feel like I was going commando and that just isn't right.  Is that what boxers feel like?  It can't be...

Luckily, a couple weeks ago, I went out and bought Hubs some brief shorts for my own comfort and sanity.  He seems to like them too.  How could he not, those old boxers couldn't be comfortable.  And personally, I think the briefs make his bottom look great - secretly I think he agrees!


Lime Tart

There is nothing more refreshing than Lime during the summer!
And on a cloudy rainy day, that's exactly what we needed to brighten up our spirits.

Who better to turn to for a little help than Martha Stewart and her Lime Tart recipe.


I'm not much of a bakery, but the tart turned out pretty delicious!
...Just ask Husband, he's already had 3 pieces!



 Thrifted: blazer, leopard sweater

 After work, I went to the shop where I have some furniture for sale.  To my surprise, the table I had there just sold earlier that day! Really refreshing news after a long day at work and pretty darn exciting too.  Now I will have two checks going into the "fun money" fund!  (Can I get a Woop Woop)

And after talking to the shop owner, who I absolutely adore, I realized I needed to get another piece of furniture in that store - Hello Craigslist!...

I know, it's not like I don't already have pieces of furniture sitting in my grandmother's shed, I just had the craving to go out and buy a new/used one.  Something about the hunt, it's almost more fun than the actually transformation.

Husband, would you like to take a spontaneous trip to pick up this antique dresser with me?!
And can we take a little photo shoot in this run down parking lot on our way home?!
- dresser bought
- pictures taken
- Successful trip

PS.  yes, I wore this fancy shmancy outfit to pick up an old dresser


Per Request...

Since we just celebrated our One Year Anniversary, a few people emailed me about our honeymoon.  We started in Shepherdstown WV and ended up in Cancun Mexico!!

From The Bed & Breakfast...

To The Island...
 Just off the plane and on the boat over to the Palace

 The beach was beautiful - clear water and white sand all around

 Our suite

Suite jacuzzi 

 View from the lobby


 & again...


 oh those beaches...

 Our Resort

 The town on the Island of Isla Mujeres

 Souvenir shopping

 The snorkeler 


 I got sea sick snorkeling, not sure how that happened,
so I just wore the vest & gear around to look cool

 A little stroll we took to the tip of the Island

 Photo opp - thanks self timer!

 An amazing infinity pool right on the beach

 Dinner time pic!

 Our little golf cart we toured the island with

 When you stood in this wall, you were able to see the ocean on the other side of the island
 ( I think the entire island was only about 3-4 miles wide...)

 The Lobby

 Our view, my man

 We swam with dolphins... twice!

 More snorkeling...

Romantic dinner on the beach


 & again...

One of the best things about staying at a Palace resort, 
we were about to visit all the other Palaces & use their amenities - all inclusive!
 (these next 3 pictures are of that exploration)
 Roof top pool

 & bar...

A nice couple we watched the Miguel Jackson show with - Thriller!
He looked just like Michael Jackson!


10 days later, we had to leave....

A few other cool things about our honeymoon:
*It was a couples only resort - no crying or rowdy kiddos
*Breakfast every morning on the beach
*We ate french fries and tacos almost every day by the pool
*Everything in town was goodwill prices!
*I think there were only 4 other couples at the resort during our stay
*Movies on the beach
*Didn't rain once
*We scheduled massages for one night
*24 hour room service (2 am chocolate cake craving - fixed!)
... and the list goes on and on!