D.I.Y Panama Hat

Panama hats are really hot right now!  It makes sense, they are super cute, provide great shade and really finish off that summer look.  But, I was not paying those prices - $60 here, $80 there - no way!  Luckily, this isn't the first time Panama hats have made their way into the fashion world.  And you know what that means... Goodwill has a great selection.  So I've been on the lookout for some time now and only this past weekend did I find one I knew I could transform!

 Oh yeah, look at that purple bow! I can just see my gran wearing this to church!

simple supplies!

Thrifted: panama hat (D.I.Y.), belt, flats

Total Project - $6.00!
 What do ya think!?


One Rusty Intern

It's finally time to come out about some side work I have been doing! No, I didn't take these pictures... I'm not there yet, but I did help decorate! Yes, I'm an intern for Rusty Love Vintage Rentals! How perfect?! We rent out amazing one-of-a-kind pieces (vintage, country, shabby chic - you name it, we got it) for all sorts of events and we even help style them (my favorite part)! So this little photo shoot here was my first project I helped with and as soon as I got the prints, I had to share the news with you!  Don't they look amazing?! I can't wait to do more and tell you all about it!

Rentals: Rusty Love Vintage Rentals
Photography: Vanity Edge Design
Handmade Hats: Two Back Flats


That's a Problem Thursday

 Thrifted: blouse, scarf, belt


Your mind goes blank as you sit down to tell the world about your weekly problems (let the rambling begin)
Your dog decides to do her thing about a half of a mile into your two mile run (nothing better than that sweet aroma when you're trying to catch your breath)
You're changing pants for the next outfit and are greeted by a curious neighbor at your car window
The amount of cream cheese on your bagel from Dunkin Donuts looks like an immediate heart attack
The information you're reading on lead paint is causing you heart palpitations (really, who thinks about the effects of lead paint after they sand it?)
Selling your furniture makes you feel like you're giving up your child for adoption (I'm a hoarder!)
You struggle to buy a $6.00 hat
All you want for your birthday is a goodwill gift card (but, is that really a problem...)

...That's a Problem


"What Should I Wear" He asks...

 Thrifted: blazer (free market), top

Luke just got an internship with Blue Water Baltimore!  I couldn't be more excited for him.  I know this is something he's truly passionate about and is going to enjoy exploring.  Of course, I think he is a genius and I know he will be a great asset to the organization.  But there's a part of me that wants to send them an email "take care of my man"... I think he would be a little embarrassed, don't ya think?  So I'll hold off on that one.

Before he left this morning for his new endeavor, he asked me "what should I wear".  This is not an unheard of request from him, after all one of the first things Luke ever said to me, before we even dated, was "you're so fly." (smooth ha)  At the time, I really didn't get it but throughout our marriage  of constantly picking out his outfits ... I get the compliment now.  But today was big, I had to deliver!  The first outfit was a little metro-sexual for him, I loved it, but he's not as forward as I am with clothes.  So we ended up settling on something a little more casual but fitted.  He looked good, and I could tell he knew he looked good too! That's always one of my favorite parts - to see him constantly checking himself out and fixing his hair to go along with the look.  Oh yeah, and when I told him he look good this morning, he gave me a "duh".  Mission accomplished!  Good luck babe.


Never Been More Happy to be Back in Front of that Lens

 Thrifted: hat, blouse, belt, purse, flats!!

Boy has it been a while!  When I was going through my blog the other night, I realized I hadn't post an outfit in some time!  I don't know why!?  I've been at thrift stores almost every other day, and my closet is getting more and more full.  So an outfit post just seemed appropriate today.  And you know me, I couldn't be more happy to be out there posing!

These are just a few finds that I've been living in over the past week, especially the flats.  I couldn't believe I found them at goodwill.  The tweed, the woven leather - amazing!  When I looked them up online, I think retail stores were selling them for $80.00!! Yours truly got them down to $4.00!  And when I say "got them down"... yes, I barter with goodwill.  Is that sad?  Am I that cheap inexpensive?  I don't think so!  I look at it as mindful shopping!  And it's because of one rule my grandmother instilled in me - it doesn't hurt to ask.  So there's a little tip from one thrifter to the next!  If your item is a bit damage or pretty worn, ask for a little off!  See what happens!


And Again...

This was my project for today! 
I know it looks in pretty good shape here but this picture is after some much needed sanding  
(please no lead paint... yikes!)



How cute is this table?! 
I really don't want to sell it, but I already have two tables in storage (aka Gran's shed) that I want to keep.  So this one must go.  Oh, if I only had a larger house... this would be perfect for a back porch set up!


I Love Dressers!

Just to give you an idea of what I've been doing on my days off!




I Got Nothing

This Monday sucks.  It should be filled with jumping, skipping, yelling, yeah, all of that stuff because it's my day off... but I'm doing nothing of the sort.  I woke up at 7 and told myself I could sleep a little longer, so back to sleep I went (bad idea #1).  An hour later, I get up and check my phone (just like every person who has their phone right next to them in bed, normal right? My screen reads "INSERT SIM" - huh?  My sim card isn't in there... I don't remember taking my phone apart last night to get it out. Hmm. So, we're going to try to figure this little here problem out (bad idea #2).  I'm no cell phone expert but taking this little baby apart seemed to be the right thing to do - HA no... now I think it might actually be broken.  Oh well, the phone is kaputz.  Onto the kitchen for some coffee.  Really fridge? You're going to do this to me now?  Where's the milk?!  *Ugh* Bleep, bleep, bleep you fridge - yeah take that. *sigh* Okay, no milk in the coffee this morning... I'll just take it black and a ton of sugar (bad idea #3) - Hence the long ramble I just wrote for you in about 3.457682 seconds! Woohoo I'm wired, where's my paint brush?!

Happy Monday


Myrtle, You Stole My Heart

It was my first trip to Myrtle Beach and after a week there, it's not going to be my last.  I just fell in love with the entire atmosphere down there.  It was very calm and residential, the beach was clean and warm, the food was tasty and fresh, and the houses - oh the houses - in every color you can think of - purple, peach, blue, orange, green, coral, yellow, teal and the list goes on and on. Yes, it's happened, Myrtle beach you stole my heart.