A Little Advice from Germany!

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Shouldn’t Make:  by Linda de Raad

In 2014, I want to lose weight!
No you don’t, or do you? Because so far you haven’t!
Rather than putting yourself under pressure; set yourself new motivations such as striving to a healthier lifestyle.  Try borrowing your friends low calorie/gluten free cook book and make it a point to at least try every recipe once. Not only will you be eating healthy and dropping those 5lbs, but you'll also have picked up new skills improving your match.com profile.

In 2014, I’m going to join the gym!
Yes, and we all know how that goes; January 2nd approaches and you are highly motivated, checking out two to three gyms within your area or finally taking advantage of the guest pass your friend has been offering you for the past 7months. Then around February 2nd, you have received at least two “We miss you” emails from your newly joined gyms and you are playing out in your head what you could have purchased instead of the $45 signing fee and the $59.99 monthly membership payment. Here's a better idea, find a friend who wants to get active too and together seek a local recreational sports group. No matter if it’s soccer twice a week or kickball every other Sunday, you'll start making new connections with people that are active and hopefully besides the peer pressure of showing up for the games, their energetic lifestyle will rub on to you.

In 2014, I’m going be friendlier to others!
Well that’s a nice one…..not! Why are you unfriendly in the first place? Do you just have a moody personality in the morning? Make it a point to get up 15min. earlier and make sure you drink your coffee at home. By the time you get to the office, the world already looks a little brighter! Are you an inpatient grump? Make sure you occupy yourself with other tasks that need to be accomplished while waiting for others. That way you don’t feel like anyone is wasting your time and won’t have an attitude by the time they get back to you. Do you get cranky when you are hungry? Come on, you know the answer; carry a cereal bar with you! No one likes to meet a friend at a restaurant who is moody and gives one word answers until after the appetizers. You are generally an unfriendly person? Start practicing a fake smile, not too much teeth and exposing your upper gum, but also big enough for others to notice… Just kidding! Talk to a close friend or family and explore the reasons why. Maybe it’s time to adapt a new perspective such as re-shifting careers or clearing some unresolved issues.

In 2014, I will spend more time with my family!
Oh no, she did not! What an awful person, why would she make that a New Year’s resolution? Other question; why haven’t you spent much time with your family to begin with? Maybe because you have a nagging aunt, asking you since 9th grade when are you getting married or the names of you future children! Or a father, who does not approve of your major in environmental science and at every opportunity, praising you sibling who is working in a well renounced law firm. Rather than committing to spending more time with your family, develop a set of skills to tolerate their harassing comments and questions. Of course, you could always make up an answer to give them to satisfy their curiosity or just start another family feud, but how about turning the situation around. Tell them what you are currently doing in life, that you a very satisfied at your current job and would consider it a waist of money and skills on your part to shift careers, that you are seeing someone but at this time do not consider yourself to be ready to move forward in the relationship or that you are simply just happy on your own. Your family may not fully understand your point of view, but you gave them an answer and took position, avoiding future conflicts and the frequency of family meetings may increase naturally in 2014.

In 2014, I want to learn something new!
How about to forget something old? Instead of adding on new hobbies, throw out something you have not been participating in years. Making space for something new should be your first step. Pull out the three boxes full of scrap-book supplies from under your bed and donate them to the local kindergarten. Yes, you have saved all these recipes from the movies with your ex, the purchase of the first collar for your rescue dog or your first grey hair. However, you won’t get to it before retirement and hopefully by then, have moved out of your studio apartment. Do you really want to keep carrying around those boxes? NO! Not only will you meet two resolutions at once (aka giving things away for charity) but also create space for your new interests such as track shoes, golf clubs or a clarinet.

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Happy New Year


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